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21th Day of celebration of Christmas Traditions and Customs in Catalonia

Fira de Santa Llúcia - Plaça Nova (Avinguda de la Catedral)
12 December
The 21th Day of Celebration of Christmas Traditions and Customs, with the programme given below:


From 10:30 am to 1:00 pm:
Traditional Tió figure


At 18:00 h:
"El Nadal dels Tres porquets" by the company Titelles Sebastià Vergés.
At 18:45 h:
Presentation of the award of Firaire d'honor that this year will be delivered to the journalist and director of the radio program: "El món a Rac1" Jordi Basté
At 19:00 h:
Presentation of the special award of Firaire d'honor, because this is the 20th year we give this award, to "La Carassa de Barcelona", for his participation and collaboration with the Fair of St. Llucia.
At 19:15 h:
Parade of the traditional Carassa de Nadal de Barcelona accompanied by the "Grallers La Pessigolla" from Plaça Nova, throwing sweets, throughout the Fira site.
At 19:30 h:
Performance by the Scandinavian choir Stella Polaris: Tradition of Saint Lucy.
At 20:00 h:
Performance by theEsbart Catalá de Dansaires dancers (youth section) with Dances for winter and the Christmas season.
At 21:00 h:
Nadal amb tabal - Actuació de la Repúblik de l’Avern.

Finalització al voltant de les 21:30 h.

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